By combining research, education, clinical care, business development and innovation, SAHMRI 2 will facilitate an unparalleled opportunity to network, collaborate and advance research.

At the heart of the largest Health and Biomedical precinct in the Southern Hemisphere exists an opportunity to be part of the State’s leading independent health and medical research institute.

Strategically located in the northwest corner of Adelaide’s CBD on North Terrace, SAHMRI 2 will comprise world-class facilities and sit alongside the Royal Adelaide Hospital, SAHMRI, the University of Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building, and the University of South Australia’s Health Innovation Building.

This unique infrastructure represents South Australia’s highest priority project for health, research and education, providing a focal point for research of international calibre into the most serious chronic illnesses. Unprecedented numbers of health care professionals will be trained here to address current and future capacity constraints and surging health care demands.

Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research.

SAHMRI 2 will house Australia’s first proton therapy unit – The Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research. It will deliver the most technologically advanced, precision radiation therapy ever seen in the Southern Hemisphere and has the potential to be part of the cure for a significant number of cancers.

The proton therapy unit at SAHMRI 2 will also be an invaluable resource for our researchers as they continue to develop new ways to treat cancers.

Discover more about Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research here.

An extraordinary opportunity.

Adelaide’s BioMed City is nearing completion and the opportunities to  be part of this unique, world-leading research hub are limited. The first three floors of SAHMRI 2 have already been secured by SAHMRI, but there is still potential for health research or biomedical groups to relocate and participate in this collaborative, cutting-edge enterprise.

Registrations of interest are invited from organisations and businesses that share the vision to be part of the future of health and medical science and translate world-class research into life-changing health outcomes.

You can contact Commercial & General here.