Construction & Management

From start to end, Commercial & General’s commitment is to quality and delivery.

Commercial & General’s project approach ensures clients have appropriate participation during the concept design phase to ensure their operational and commercial needs are clearly defined, understood and achieved.

Partnering with Australia’s leading consultants, Commercial & General delivers specifically crafted design solutions and industrial process systems.

Commercial & General also recognises that all buildings have an impact on the environment during their construction, use and re-use. An integral part of the design development – and then construction – is a focus on the potential impacts on atmosphere, resources, water, habitat and any other environmental aspects the project may affect.

This  construction and management approach offers a number of significant advantages with ongoing commitment to:

  • Building Quality – delivering long-term assets for investment and ongoing management
  • Cost Clarity – our in-house costing expertise allows certainty in construction process
  • Triple Bottom Line – a clear focus on delivering Economically, Socially and Environmentally Sustainable projects
  • Tenant Specific Layout – Detailed tenant involvement in the design and construction stage to ensure we deliver successfully on clients’ needs

Commercial & General strives to work in a collaborative and cooperative manner to ensure the delivery of any project is successful from all parties’ perspectives.