Asset Management

They may seem to be contrasting objectives – property investors seeking to maximize income from properties, and tenants seeking enhanced quality and reduced occupancy costs of the building they occupy. Both parties may be focussed on environmental sustainability, but at whose cost?

It’s all about getting the balance right and Commercial & General prides itself on delivering effective asset management, based on transparency, risk management and compliance.

Astute property management reduces risk and improves tenant satisfaction and retention. Through perceptive commercial property management strategies, Commercial & General focuses on maximising rental income and asset value, underpinned by outstanding tenant relationships.

Our clear and deliberate focus on tenants as valued ‘customers’ simplifies lease negotiations, streamlines capital works programs and reduces our investors’ risk profile.

We believe judicious facilities management forms an essential component of the asset management strategy of any property.

Our experienced facilities management team includes engineers, qualified builders and services and sustainability experts, with the knowledge to guide customised, high quality and low risk solutions in line with the objectives of our customers.